Blogging100 Best Affiliate Programs For Fashion & Beauty Bloggers

100 Best Affiliate Programs For Fashion & Beauty Bloggers


An Affiliate Network connects companies with online publishers (such as bloggers!), allowing them to earn a commission through a link. If a reader clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you’re going to make some money from it.

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Affiliate Networks are easy to join! All you have to do is fill out a form.

In order to get accepted into a particular brand’s Affiliate Program, you’ll have to apply. If you have a relevant, quality website that generates traffic, you generally have a good chance of getting accepted into their affiliate program and start earning a commission.

Below is a list of the most popular Affiliate Networks and their top 100 Affiliate Programs. They’re especially great for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers!

In order to be able to view the links below, you’ll need to be a member of the Affiliate Network.


You can register by filling out this form.

This is my favorite Affiliate Network, and the most popular one. Their website is easy to nagivate and they cover most of the brands I love. You can view detailed earnings reports and graphics.



You can register by filling out this form.

Another favorite because of how easy it is to navigate and create links. For the healthy bloggers, they have a huge selection of green and natural brands.

Commission Junction

You can register by filling out this form.

A lot of big brands are on Affiliate By Conversant (formerly Commission Junction). It’s not as easy to navigate as the other networks, so I wouldn’t suggest them if you’re new.

  • Shopbop (1%)
  • Ulta (5%)
  • QVC (1%)
  • Chantecaille (5%)
  • Strawberrynet (8%)
  • American Apparel (3%)
  • American Eagle Outfitters (2%)
  • Banana Republic (1%)
  • Forever 21 (4%)
  • Free People (4%)
  • Gap (1%)
  • Gilt (3%)
  • LOFT (5%)
  • Lululemon (2.5%)
  • Mango (2%)
  • Old Navy (1%)
  • Philosophy (5%)
  • Revolve Clothing (5%)
  • ROMWE (10%)
  • Urban Outfitters (5%)
  • Zappos (8%)

Pepperjam Network

You can register by filling out this form.

This is eBay’s Affiliate Network, and they also offer a ton of options for fashion bloggers especially.

Impact Radius

You can register by filling out this form.

If you want to be a Target affiliate, you have to go through Impact Radius. The commission is a flat 4% on most items, and custom links are easy to create.

Before you go…

Don’t forget to check out my ultimate guide to making money with affiliate links for bloggers. I show you exactly which networks I use to make over $5,000 in affiliate earnings monthly.


  • Nickole

    Hi there,

    Thank you for this website. It has been the greatest help for me. Can you please advise how you filled the tax form from LinkShare it is making me choose U.S. codes when I’m in Canada.

    Many thanks!

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  • Tsvetelina

    Great post, thank you for the information. I’m trying to contact more brands to get samples from them so I can write blog posts. I know that the affiliate links are great but unless I have a samples I can’t really do anything. What will be your suggestion?
    Thank you

    • suzi

      Thanks! You can always promote the products you already have or purchase and showcase them as favorites. If you have a small following, it might be hard to collaborate with the big brands, but consider smaller companies as well. They might not all have affiliate programs but it can help your blog and you can work your way up. I noticed you have a beautiful Instagram, so I would definitely focus on growing that account to get on brands’ radar. Good luck!

  • Tracy

    Thank you for the links! I am starting my retail shop and this is very helpful!

  • s

    I am planning to run a blog that offers advice for aspiring models, are there any affiliate programs for such blog?

    Please help

  • Aimee

    My blog is fairly new and I haven’t started any affiliate programs yet, but definitely want to in the future. In the meantime, how do I talk about brand names if I’m not in their affiliate program? Is that ok to do?

    • Suzi Scheler

      Yes, you can mention any brands you want (after all, it’s free publicity for them!). You can always change your links once you join the programs and get your affiliate links.

  • Muhammad Fahad ul Hassan

    Thanks for a nice job. I am currently promoting some of the affiliate programs listed here and making a few dollars from them. But I must say that making money from affiliate programs is not rocket science; it requires hard work and perseverance. Affiliate marketing keeps evolving daily and any serious affiliate should be ready to change tactics and invest time and money in order to beat the competition.

    You may need some traffic (but a few traffic is enough to start with) to get guaranteed success especially if the traffic is targeted. Whatever be the case, I have so much faith in affiliate marketing because of the relative success it has given me in the area of making money online.
    Thanks once again. Do have a pleasant day.

    These are some really great programs to start with, if they fit in your niche. AWeber, for instance, has a good pay out, but if your blog readers aren’t interested in building an email list, you’re not going to make any sales by promoting it. That’s why I love that you’ve also included ShareASale – no matter what niche you’re in, you’ll find something excellent to promote!

  • Lauren Williams

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    Hello! Thanks for this super post. I tried to join to rent the runway program, but this is only by recommendation 🙁
    Could you recommend us in order to apply this program? Thank you again!

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  • Michelle

    This was so helpful! Thank you!
    I have a question for you though – does CJ still work with lululemon? I don’t see them listed on the CJ site. If not, do you know any affiliate networks who do work with lululemon?


    • Suzana Rose

      I’m not longer on CJ so I couldn’t tell you, but feel free to reach out to Lululemon and ask them about their affiliate program. I’ve done this in the past with retailers and most often, you’ll get a response!

  • Lia

    Hi I’m just curious “ I used to make over $5,000 + …”

    Did you quite affiliate or you are not making money anymore ?

    • Suzana Rose

      Hi Lia! I never said “I used to” so you must have misread. I’m still in the same boat. 🙂

  • Tatum

    Thanks so much, absolutely super article and stunning website! Will be checking in for more info along my blogging journey xx

  • Maria

    Hello!! Thank you so much for all the information you shared with us. It was really helpful. I just would love to ask you something. That percentages presented with the brand names refers to the commission that an influencer receives from that brand? Thank you very much! Best regards. xoxo

  • petra

    I’ve applied for linkshare and got it, but there are certain programs like Forever 21 and Nordstrom I could not apply for, and these were the stores I wanted. I get following message then, Your application to this program has not been processed. This merchant has established certain criteria for affiliates applying to their program. Unfortunately, your site does not meet one or more of these criteria. What can does criterias be? I’m really wandering.

  • petra

    I applied for linkshare to be affiliate of Forever 21 and Nordstrom but I couldn’t even apply for it and with cj again for Forever 21 and there I got regected, I am so bummed about this cause those were the 2 stores I wanted to get in. I’m still waiting for an answer of Topshop. Really sucks

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    Thank you.
    I’m living in Korea. I am also learning affiliate marketing. I surfed the web and found your blog. I got your blog inspired to discover an oasis in the desert.

  • Pauly

    Thank you so much for this! I have questions. I don’t see some merchants you mentioned for Shareasale and Linkshare. Why is that? And how do you view private merchants with LinkShare?

  • Raju chhabra

    Awesome dear,,, This Article is so helpful for me. I was searching for some affiliate programmes for my website and your article is really amazing. I found it so helpful for me at all because you cover each and every source of affiliate programmes so beautifully.

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