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7 Ways To Promote Your Blog Without Being Spammy

Once you have your new blog, you should spend as much time promoting it as you do creating content. If this sounds excessive to you, think about it:

Writing content in only half of the equation. Once you create content, you need to make sure someone sees it.

Spending an equal amount of energy on promotion is important if you want to boost your traffic and grow your blog. Here are 7 great ways to promote your blog, all 100% spam-free!

1. Use Social Media Like A Human, Not A Marketing Tool

Social media is full of spam and noise.

So, what do you have to do to stand out? Not spam.

With most bloggers out there spamming their posts on Twitter every 20 minutes, it might feel like you’re doing something wrong if you’re not. Sure, spamming might get them a little bit of traffic, but it’s not how you connect with your audience.

Instead, use Twitter and Facebook as a human being.

Don’t just stick to promoting your posts. Engage, interact, voice your opinion, and be yourself. The bulk of your social media posts shouldn’t be about self-promotion. Every once in a while, go ahead and promote yourself.

Maintaining a good ratio of promotional to non-promotional social media posts is the key. For every promotional post, you should have a few non-promotional ones.

This approach will lead to two things:

  • You’ll build a stronger relationship with your audience (more fans).
  • Your audience will be more open to clicking your self-promotional posts (more traffic).

Bottom line: More fans, more traffic. If that’s not the right way to promote yourself on social media, I don’t know what is.

2. Collaborate With Other Bloggers For Fun & Blog Growth

This tip is great for small to medium bloggers. You can gain new followers and quickly grow your blog from just one post.

Are there any blogs in your niche that you love? Find out if they have a similar reach to yours by checking their social stats, alexa rank, and domain authority.

If you’re at a similar point in your blogging journeys, you can ask them if they want to do a collaboration. I’ve done a couple of these collaborations when I started blogging, and they’re always fun.

You can get as creative as you want when figuring out the exact collab. The idea is simple: both of you publish a post in which you promote the other blogger.

For example, you can both interview each other on your blogs. This means that your audience will get to know the other blogger and check out their blog, and vice-versa.

The key to this type of collaboration is making sure that both of your audiences overlap. You want to collaborate with blogs that are similar to yours and share the same type of readership.

3. Don’t Drop Your Link In Your Comments

Someone just posted a new comment on your blog. It goes something like:


Don’t you get a little bit annoyed when that happens? Yeah. It’s insincere. They just want to poach your readers.

Here are my thoughts on leaving blog comments, the non-spammy way:

  • I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to drop a link to your blog in the body of a comment. When you leave a comment, the only place for your blog link is the URL box.
  • I only leave a comment when I want to connect with the blogger and I have something to say.
  • Leaving a thoughtful comment is more likely to bring traffic to your blog. If other readers find your comment interesting, they’re more likely to click on your name and check out your blog.
  • Don’t expect floods of traffic from leaving blog comments. It’s a decent way to bring a little traffic to your blog when you’re small, but the goal of leaving comments isn’t to get traffic.
  • Be the first one to comment to maximize the visibility of your comment. Keep track of the blogs you follow on Bloglovin (and follow me on Bloglovin while you’re at it!).

4. Participate In Active, Relevant Forums


Forums are still a thing, and I regularly get traffic spikes from various forums.

Popular forums have millions of members, and thousands of readers are looking at every thread. If one of the members posts an interesting link in a thread, it’s going to get clicks. Lots of clicks.

Look for forums related to your niche by performing a simple Google search. You can also check out this list of the biggest forums on the Internet for inspiration.

When you find one or more relevant, active forums, create an account. Introduce yourself and participate in conversations without promoting yourself at first. If it’s relevant, you can eventually link to your own content.

5. Grow Your Pinterest Using Tailwind


Pinterest is the #1 source of traffic for a LOT of bloggers nowadays.

Don’t miss this huge opportunity and start growing your Pinterest NOW. Don’t want to be spammy? Use to schedule and space out your pins!

Here’s the condensed how-to:

  1. Create a “pin” for every post. A pin is a graphic meant to be shared on Pinterest. Your pins will serve to promote your blog, and they’ll link back to it, bringing you traffic with every click.
  2. Include those pins in your posts. Make them easy to share by including a social media plugin as well as a “pin it” button.
  3. Get Tailwind — . Tailwind helps you schedule your pins. In 30 minutes, you can schedule a whole week or even month of pins.
  4. Join Pinterest Group Boards and use Tailwind to schedule your pins in there.
  5. Join Tailwind Tribes to maximize the benefits of Tailwind even further.

6. Answer questions while promoting your blog

Make accounts on Quora and Yahoo Answers. You’ll find a ton of people who want their questions answered.

Use the search bar to look for topics or keywords related to your niche or expertise. For example, type in “makeup”.

When you find a question that’s interesting to you, give it your best in-depth answer. Don’t forget to include a link to a relevant post on your blog. If you’re being helpful, there’s no spamminess factor.


The top answer to the above question received over 1,500 views. That could mean 1,500 peeps interested in makeup ready to click those links to your makeup blog (or whatever your topic is).

Are you answering questions yet?!

7. Build Relationships With The Top Bloggers In Your Niche

Is there anything less spammy than having other bloggers promote your content? I don’t think so!

The top bloggers in your niche have a huge reach, and one single social media share from them has the potential to send loads of traffic to your site.

Find out who these bloggers are and start building relationships with some of them. The most important thing is to be genuine: choose bloggers who are a good fit, personality-wise.

Remember that a big audience takes years to build. Respect these bloggers’ hard work and don’t build a relationship with them for your own selfish reasons.

How do you find these bloggers?

  • Do a Google search for “top makeup blogs” (replace makeup with your niche).
  • Do a Pinterest search for keywords that relate to your niche. You’ll notice the top blogs showing up over and over.
  • Use Twitter to find bloggers. Look for who similar bloggers are following.

Do you have any other tips to promote your blog without being spammy?


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