BloggingImpact Radius for Affiliates: How It Works, Best Brands To Partner With, And More

Impact Radius for Affiliates: How It Works, Best Brands To Partner With, And More

In this post, I go over one of the top affiliate networks for bloggers and influencers: Impact Radius. We’ll be cover topics such as what Impact Radius is, how to sign up, how to join affiliate programs, and more. I’m also sharing the best affiliate programs on this network and their commission rates.

Let’s jump in!

What’s Impact Radius?

Impact Radius is first and foremost a platform where influencers, publishers, and bloggers can easily partner with brands. It’s mainly an affiliate network, where you can partner with brands through their affiliate program, but you can also work with brands via sponsorships or campaigns.

Back up. What’s an affiliate network?

It’s a platform that allows brands to work with “affiliates” (publishers, influencers, bloggers). The affiliate will use an affiliate link on their website or on social media. When there’s a purchase, the affiliate will earn a percentage of the sale. This is called the commission. Typically, commissions vary between 2% and 20%. Most are within the 8 to 10% range.

What are other popular affiliate networks?

The best affiliate networks besides Impact Radius are Linkshare (Rakuten), ShareASale, and Pepperjam.

A popular affiliate program is Amazon’s. Unfortunately, Amazon’s commission dropped significantly over the past few years (from about 8% to an average of 3% for most items). There’s also a good change that Amazon will eventually shut down their affiliate program completely. This is why I highly recommend other ways of generating affiliate income over Amazon.

Brands also sometimes have their own affiliate programs on smaller platforms. The advantage of a bigger network such as Impact Radius is how easy it is to find and manage partnerships with more than one brand. You’re also getting paid in one single payment for all your partnerships, which is much easier to track.

How much does it cost to join Impact Radius for affiliates?

Impact Radius is free for affiliates. It costs you nothing to join, apply, and share affiliate links. Brands are the ones who pay to be on this network.

How can I join Impact Radius?

Use this form to create your account.

I joined. What do I do now?

The first step is to fill out your profile information and settings. You’ll also need to submit a tax document before you’re able to receive payments.

The second step is to find brands you’re interested in working with, and requesting to join their affiliate program. Click on “Brands” in the top menu, and search within your favorite categories.

Tip: There are thousands of brands on Impact Radius. To make it easy to find the best brands to work with, I’ve gathered them all in the lists below, sorted by category (fashion, beauty, and other).

How hard is it to get accepted into a brand’s affiliate program?

The decision is often up to the affiliate manager. Some managers are extremely strict, while some are very lax and will allow anybody who applies. This means that it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll get accepted into every program.

If your application is denied, your best bet is to contact the affiliate manager and let them know why you’re interested in joining their program and why you’re a perfect fit. You can also let them know how you’re planning on promoting their brand, and what your reach is.

How do I create an affiliate link?

If you got accepted by a brand, you’re now able to generate affiliate links. You can link to any page on their website. This is how you do it:

  • Copy the URL you want to turn into an affiliate link (for example, a product page)
  • In Impact Radius, click on the link icon in the left menu. Select the brand and paste the link as the landing page. Click “create”.
  • Copy the affiliate link and paste it wherever you wish to link from (website, social media, etc).

My experience as an affiliate on Impact Radius

Every affiliate network has their pros and cons. Impact Radius definitely has more pros than cons, and one thing that makes them stand out is their partnership opportunities. Once you’re an affiliate for a brand, you’re able to partner with them for paid campaigns and earn income beyond the flat rate commission.

For example, you’re able to offer brands a paid instagram post, and they can pay you directly on Impact Radius for this sponsorship. All on top of the commission you make when people click any link to the brand.

Other benefits include simple, clean reports, and it’s overall easy to find brands to partner with. It’s also quick and easy to create affiliate links.

As with any other affiliate network, a big disadvantage is that brands are scattered across all of them. Not all brands will be on Impact Radius. As a blogger, influencer, or content creator, you definitely need to join multiple affiliate networks in order to maximize your changes to collaborate with brands. That being said, Impact Radius has a decent number of popular brands to work with.

In order, these are the affiliate networks I recommend joining:

  • Linkshare Rakuten
  • Shareasale
  • Impact Radius
  • Pepperjam

I’m personally on all 4 networks and I suggest you do the same. However if you’re just starting out, I would start with Linkshare.

The Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers and Influencer on Impact Radius

Since there are thousands of brands on this network, I went through them all to only select the best and most popular ones for this list. I included their baseline commission. Don’t forget that you’re also able to partner with brands for sponsorships on top of the commission, so don’t dismiss brands with lower commissions.


  • Adidas (5%)
  • Adidas Australia (5%)
  • Adidas Canada (5%)
  • Athleta (1-2%)
  • Banana Republic (1-2%)
  • Banana Republic Canada (1-2%)
  • Banana Republic Europe (1-2%)
  • Banana Republic Factory (1-2%)
  • Bonobos (3%)
  • Carter’s (children’s clothing, 2%)
  • Crocs (5%)
  • Cuup (modern bras, 12.5%)
  • Cuyana (10%)
  • Eddie Bauer US (5%)
  • Eddie Bauer UK (5%)
  • Eddie Bauer Canada (5%)
  • Fabletics ($15)
  • Foot Locker (2%)
  • Foot Locker Canada (2%)
  • Fossil Australia (8%)
  • French Connection (6.2%)
  • GAP (1-2%)
  • GAP Factory (1-2%)
  • GAP Canada (1-2%)
  • GAP Europe (4-5%)
  • Hollister UK (2-4%)
  • Hollister Germany (2-4%)
  • Kids Foot Locker (2%)
  • KOHL’S (3%)
  • Lee Jeans (1%)
  • Levi’s (4%)
  • Levi’s Australia (8%)
  • Marks & Spencer (7%)
  • Mejuri (5%)
  • Nine West Australia (6%)
  • Old Navy (1-2%)
  • Old Navy Canada (1-2%)
  • Simons (2-4%)
  • Skims (8-10%)
  • Stitch Fix ($25)
  • ThirdLove (bras, 10%)
  • Threadless (3%)
  • Zaful (16%)


  • Alleyoop (clean body and skin care, 12%)
  • Allure Beauty Box ($5)
  • Armani Beauty (2%)
  • Aveda Australia (11%)
  • Briogeo (8%)
  • Beekeeper’s Naturals (15%)
  • Biotherm USA (2%)
  • Biotherm Canada (2%)
  • Bobbi Brown Australia (11%)
  • Brandless (15%)
  • Briogeo Hair (3%)
  • Burst Oral Care (10%)
  • By Humankind (20%)
  • California Baby (6.5%)
  • CBD Burt’s Bees (10%)
  • Clinique Australia (11%)
  • Codex Beauty (10%)
  • Eczema Honey (12%)
  • Estee Lauder Australia (11%)
  • FabFitFun ($10)
  • Feals (modern wellness, CBD, 10%)
  • Georgio Armani Beauty Australia (7.7%)
  • Glo Skin Beauty 10%)
  • GOOP (2-12%)
  • Grande Cosmetics (8%)
  • IGK Hair (5-10%)
  • Il Makiage (5%)
  • IT Cosmetics Canada (2%)
  • Jo Malone Australia (10%)
  • Keratase Canada (2%)
  • Kielhl’s Australia (6%)
  • Kiehl’s Canada (2%)
  • Kjaer Weis (10%)
  • Kosas (15%)
  • La Mer Australia (8%)
  • La Roche-Posay (2%)
  • Lancome Australia (7.7%)
  • Lancome Canada (2-4%)
  • Luxie Brushes (10%)
  • Mane Club (hair products, 20%)
  • Milani (4%)
  • NYX (2%)
  • Odacite (15%)
  • Oribe (12%)
  • Patrick Ta (8%)
  • Paula’s Choice (7%)
  • Prose (10%)
  • Quip (electric toothbrush, 8%)
  • Shiseido Canada (8%)
  • Shu Uemura (2%)
  • Shu Uemura Canada (2%)
  • Smile Direct Club (10%)
  • The Body Shop (6.5%)
  • The Detox Market (10%)
  • Proactiv (5%)
  • Too Faced (6%)
  • TULA Skincare (2%)
  • Urban Decay Canada (2%)
  • Vichy Canada (2%)


  • 99Designs ($5-$60)
  • A Pup Above (high-quality dog food, 20%)
  • Aire (CBD oil, 30%)
  • AWARA Sleep (mattresses, 12%)
  • BarkBox (dog treats, $18)
  • Belkin (4%)
  • Best Buy Canada (1%)
  • Best Buy US (0.5%)
  • Birch (mattresses, 6%)
  • Blinkist (book summary app, 20%)
  • Bulletproof (10%)
  • Bundle (10%)
  • Canva (25%)
  • Cat Person (subscription, 12%)
  • CBD Pillow (15%)
  • Chef’s Plate ($15 CAD)
  • Cleancult (eco-friendly cleaning, $16)
  • Dame Products (“toys”, 20%)
  • Detox Organics (20%)
  • Dwell (1.6%)
  • Dyson (2%)
  • E-Cloth (10%)
  • Freshly (meal service, $15)
  • GlassesUSA (15%)
  • Gobble (meal service, $20)
  • Grove Collaborative ($12)
  • Haus (drinks, 15%)
  • Hello Fresh ($19)
  • Kin Euphorics (modern drinks, 10%)
  • KIND bars ($5)
  • KitchenAid Australia (3%)
  • Lenovo (3-7%)
  • Logitech (1-4%)
  • NordVPN (40%)
  • Package Free (5%)
  • Postmates ($6-$80)
  • QVC (1%)
  • Simplehuman (5%)
  • The RealReal (5%)

In Conclusion

I hope this guide helped you get acquainted with Impact Radius for affiliates, and you’re now able to partner with brands and earn some affiliate income. For my in-depth guide to affiliate links, click here.

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