CelebrityEmma Chamberlain’s Net Worth Explained: How She Makes Her Money

Emma Chamberlain’s Net Worth Explained: How She Makes Her Money

Emma Chamberlain is the perfect example of a creative entrepreneur who couldn’t follow the traditional path, and became extremely successful doing what she loves. She’s one of the world’s richest YouTubers, owns her own coffee company, and has made money from multiple streams of revenue throughout her career. Emma is only 21 and started her career at 16, quitting school shortly after.

How Does Emma Chamberlain Make Money?

I’ve broken down all of Emma’s streams of income and have counted 9 different sources. First, we have her YouTube channel which is her main hub, and where she started as a creator. From her YouTube channel, she links to her Instagram, podcast called Anything Goes, and coffee brand Chamberlain Coffee. She doesn’t have a TikTok or any other other social media.

YouTube Channel and Online Presence

There are two main ways Emma Chamberlain is monetizing her YouTube channel: ads and sponsorships. In December of 2021, she took a hiatus and stopped posting weekly videos for mental health reasons. Emma said on her podcast that “the pressure to be a weekly YouTuber, 365 days a year, is unrealistic, yet it’s the standard.” She currently only posts new videos rarely, however her older videos are still getting views.

Revenue Stream #1: Google Adsense (via YouTube)

Let’s start with ads, AKA Google AdSense. These ads are typically seen at the beginning of her videos.

Emma has amassed a huge following on YouTube, and she typically gets millions of views per video. She started monetizing her videos with ads around 2018, and according to Social Blade, she currently gets around 8 millions views a month which would make her up to $44,500 per month. However, these views are lower than they were a year ago since she stopped uploading almost completely. At her YouTube peak, she received about 40 million views a month which means she was making an estimated $222,500 every month from YouTube AdSense earnings alone.

Keep in mind that these numbers are estimations and depend on her RPM, which can vary greatly from video to video and from creator to creator.

Revenue Stream #2: YouTube Sponsorships

Emma announced in 2018 that she took on her first sponsor, Curology. She also emphasized that finding a sponsor hasn’t been easy since her channel isn’t “brand-friendly”, and also because she only wants to work with brands she truly loves. Her audience loved her honest approach and entertaining video format, and she received countless positive comments on her video.

Since then, she took on more sponsors including Audible, Princess Polly, Lululemon, Better Help, Squarespace and many more. Her videos often include paid collaborations, which are disclosed at the top left of the video. Looking through her older content, I didn’t find any fishy undisclosed sponsorships, and it’s safe to say that Emma has amassed great trust from her audience for her authenticity and honesty.

Each creator sets their own rate for a sponsored video, and these rates vary greatly. For a YouTuber of Emma Chamberlain’s size and reputation, her rate might go up to 6-figures, which means she could be making $100,000 per sponsored video or more. We can also speculate that Emma has a fairly high rate, since she refused to take a sponsor for a while after she was already a successful YouTuber.

Revenue Stream #3: Instagram Sponsorships

With a following of 16 million followers and an unusually high engagement rate of almost 10%, Emma attracts large sponsors on Instagram as well. Most of the content she posts on IG isn’t sponsored, and the brand deals are few and far between. In August of 2022 she posted a collaboration with Levi’s, and in June of 2022, she had a brand deal with with the thrifting platform Depop.

Revenue Stream #4: Podcast Sponsorships

Emma has a podcast called Anything Goes—formerly Stupid Genius—where she discusses a new topic each week. At the beginning of every single podcast episode, a sponsor is promoted.

Past Projects

I’ve found a few creative projects she started and monetized in the past, that she has since dropped. Let’s look into them because it’s an interesting perspective on her journey.

Revenue Stream #5 (Past): Dote Shopping App and Low Key by EmmaC

In 2019, Emma Chamberlain collaborated with Dote, an app that has since gone under. Dote was heavily-funded shopping app for “Gen Z” which gained notoriety after collaborating with top influencer like Emma and sending them on a brand trip to Fiji. As part of the collaboration, Emma designed a collection exclusively available on the Dote app. It was called Low Key by EmmaC and was shortly promoted on the website lowkeybyemma.com, which no longer exists.

Emma Chamberlain with Dote App

Since the clothing line was only available for a short time and the app no longer exists, it’s unclear how well it performed. We can assume that it was a lucrative project for Emma since it also helped her learn the basics of launching a brand.

Revenue Stream #6 (Past): The Ideal Planner by Emma Chamberlain

Emma advertised her planner in some of her older videos, and linked to it in the description. Her planner was released in 2020 and was intended for girls like her, who aren’t perfect, and are looking for a planner that can adapt to their inconsistent lifestyle. You can still see it on Amazon where it has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars and over 3,500 reviews. You can also find it at Target here, retailing for $29.99.

The Ideal Planner on Amazon

It’s important to note that she released this planner through a publisher, Gallery Books. This means that it wasn’t self-published and Emma didn’t handle every aspect of the journey on her own. The planner can no longer be found on their website.

It’s estimated that 5% of customers leave a review, and Amazon’s listing racked up over 3,500 ratings. This would mean that at least 70,000 people have purchased the planner on Amazon alone. Since it retails for $29.99, this is over $209,000 in revenue from Amazon (remember that this number is the total sales and not profit). The planner was also promoted heavily on her YouTube channel to be purchased through Gallery Books, and was available at retails like Target, Indigo, and more. We can estimate that this project resulted in over $1 million in total sales.

Entering the Fashion World

Emma Chamberlain has always been known for her sense of style and love for fashion. In 2018, she was signed by United Talent Agency when she was only 19. Currently, you can find her on Talent Connect’s roster, citing she’s available for influencer marketing, events, speaking gigs, and more. Emma has also been on the cover of magazines like Cosmopolitan and Allure, and appeared in professional fashion photoshoots.

Revenue Source #7: Ambassadorships and Campaigns (Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein)

In 2019, Emma Chamberlain attended Paris Fashion Week as part of a co-sponsorship between YouTube and Louis Vuitton. Emma can be seen wearing Louis Vuitton in many of her photoshoots, and from this sponsorship, she eventually became an ambassador for Louis Vuitton. She was also part of a campaign for Louis Vuitton alongside Charlie D’Amelio.

Emma Chamberlain and Charlie D’Amelio for Louis Vuitton

Emma was also part of a campaign for Calvin Klein in which she claims that her favorite thing to sleep in “would be men’s Calvin Klein boxers and a T-Shirt”.

Brand ambassadorships can pay celebrities between $100,000 to $1 million per year, which can add up quickly to Emma Chamberlain’s net worth.

Chamberlain Coffee

Her Million Dollar Company: Chamberlain Coffee (Revenue Stream and Asset #9)

Coffee has played a big role in Emma’s YouTube videos since the beginning. Before she even launched her coffee business, you could see her drinking coffee and talking about drinking “10 coffees a day”. Coffee is also something most people consume, and launching a coffee brand as a creator can have many advantages. For Emma, she also added a touch of creativity to the project and made her coffee appealing. In addition to this, she made sure that her coffee is sustainably-packed and made without pesticides, which ethical and environmental considerations being important to her audience.

Chamberlain Coffee was launched in 2019, and this passion project was a no-brainer for Emma’s brand according to her team. She claims, “It was just a matter of when it made sense to put it into action, and we had a little gap where we didn’t have much going on so we did it. It was so natural and it made so much sense.”

Emma promotes her coffee as part of her videos and is often seen sipping from her trademark Chamberlain Coffee glass mug. Her coffee brand is also promoted in the description of her videos, and they have an active presence on TikTok with over 330,000 followers. It’s such a perfect fit for TikTok given their demographics (appealing to a younger age group) and visuals (aesthetically-pleasing drink content is big on the platform). In addition to the unpaid promotion, the company is also running ads for Chamberlain Coffee.

The brand is currently only available online, meaning they only sell direct-to-consumer and don’t do any wholesale. This also means they’re maximizing their profits since they’re not selling to middle-man stores at a discounted wholesale price. However, the brand plans on expanding to retail soon and is in talks with several national retailers according to CEO Christopher Gallant.

You might be surprised to learn that Chamberlain Coffee raised 8 million dollars from 6 different investors. Their main investor is an investment firm from Denmark called Blazar Capital and they’re also listed as a co-owner of Chamberlain Coffee.

So, what’s the approximative valuation of Emma Chamberlain’s coffee brand? Their current yearly revenue is listed at 5 million, and their CEO has expressed plans to double the revenue each year prior to their funding. Since she raised good money, Emma doesn’t own 100% of her company. However, we can estimate that she still owns at least 50%. A YouTuber estimates that Chamberlain Coffee has already made over 32 million in revenue.

If we use this revenue figure, we’ll grossly estimate that Chamberlain Coffee is making 8 million per year in revenue. If they made $32 million in lifetime sales and they’ve been in business roughly 4 years since the video was made, we come up with 8 million per year. Again, this figure is very hypothetical but it’s also conservative. The valuation of the company based on revenue would be $54 million.

If she owns only half of her company, Emma Chamberlain is sitting on a $27 million asset thanks to Chamberlain Coffee.

The Dream House (Asset #9)

Emma bought her first Los Angeles house in 2019 for $3.9 million, and later sold it for $4.1 million. In 2021, she finally purchased her dream house in a quieter area of Beverly Hills for $4.3 million. She also put in a lot of money renovating this new house, thus raising its value.

Emma Chamberlain’s Renovated Beverly Hills House

Emma Chamberlain’s Net Worth: $30 million+

Other sources calculate Emma Chamberlain’s net worth at $12 million. However, I found that considering all her brand deals and partnerships, her successful coffee company, and her house in Beverly Hills, her actual net worth is closer to $30 million.

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